Example: Optimization of existing procedures

Example: New cleaner

Example: Great simplification of cleaning chemistry

Optimization of cleaning and chemical consumption at several eyeglass  manufacturers in Germany, Italy and the USA.

Great success: the reworking of all types of glass was reduced. For some of the manufacturers, the chemical consumption was reduced by around 2/3, with improved cleanliness.

I have developed several precisely adapted cleaning agents for precision optics and tested them extensively in production.

Success: all Cleaners are running well and are now being sold by my partner.

Improvement of a complex cleaning system for a large manufacturer.

Great success: Instead of 3 different cleaners, now only one agent in low concentration is used, i.e. <1%. The results have been improved. The new agent was previously used elsewhere in the company, which made the validation easier.

Example: Automatisation Example: Cooling lubricant Example: ...before cleaning
Adjustment of the automatic dosing of various cleaners in a cleaning line.

Prominent 200

Certain residues occurred on parts at a manufacturer of highly complex assemblies.

Success: Instead of cleaning, I optimized the cooling lubricant that, according to my analysis, had a negative impact on the surfaces. The new supplier is also much more cooperative.

Kontrolle Brillenglas

Example: Hardcoating

Example: Concentration

Example: New dyes and cleaners

At two eyeglass manufacturers in Germany and Italy I have, in addition to the cleaning process, optimized various hard coating processes (dip & spin coating).

Great success: As a result, the rework, especially with special glasses, was reduced significant!

Cleaning tank: Change of concentration over several hours due to carry over.

I developed new dyes for certain complex materials. It greatly simplifies the coloring process of these materials. Even darker colors can now be easily achieved without any problems.

Great success: The new dyes have been extensively tested by two companies and found to be good.

Example: Comparison Example: Removal of polishing agent Example: Enrichment

Simple comparison of two different cleaners.

According to a clever modification of the existing chemistry in a multi-chamber system:

Great Success: This modification made a huge improvement in the removal of polishing agent from optical glasses. Regular maintenance stabilizes the result.

Rinsing tank: Enrichment from the previous cleaning tank due to carry over of detergent.